Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I took these photos of a lovely fairy ring of mushrooms that had formed around an elm tree trunk outside my bedroom window.

I've been terribly behind in updating my blog and Etsy shops lately, but that will change soon. I've been busy lately putting together some jewelry to display at another local boutique! I'm thrilled to be selling out of Misred Outfitters, this shop is my favorite place to find must have vintage pieces and my jewelry will fit right in.

Also been trying to finish up new collections and build up my inventory for more arts & crafts shows.

I have so many ideas bursting out of my brain right now, its so difficult to focus on just one at a time!


weird amiga said...

I'm enjoying your blog —dark and soothing...

Laura said...

So awesome!!!!! I am selling some pieces at Misred too =)

those mushrooms are pretty cool it looks a bit like a good place for fairies!