Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Favorites: The Eye

The Watchful Eye ring by Datter

Third Eye necklace by Laurel Hill

God's Eye Earrings by Annie M Jewelry

Third Eye body chain by My Own Little Universe

Forwarning Eye ring by Adelina Mictlan 

Trying something new here, I've been wanting to share more of the wonderful treasures I find on Etsy, so I plan to make a regular feature out of it. 


rouli said...

love all these!!!!!!!

Bang and Buck said...

have seen a few eyes around myself looking at new jewellery! and don't get me started on Etsy - thats my new haven when it comes to incredible and unique jewellery!


Bang & Buck

I V Y said...

OH MY GOD, I LOVE EYES AND TRIANGLES. the third eye necklace is amazing.

xo zebra and meerkat

Strawberry Freckleface said...

Ohhhh emmmm GEEEEE. I am lusting after all of this. All seeing eye = makes me melt.
strawberry freckleface