Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gypsy Market Day

Haus of Blackbird

Buffalo Water by Jill Trilling 

The Gypsy Market last Saturday was a blast, lots of talented artist came out to sell their wares (I didn't take enough pictures of all of them though). 
I was trying out my new display, but I think I need to start using a bigger table, this one is getting a bit crowded with merch . 
I've been signing up for lots of out of town craft shows, so hopefully I'll be doing a big show about once a month. 


Laura said...

I was wondering how that went!!! I would have come but alas it didn't work out...
But I'm so happy it's been successful for you! and your display and your wares are a so lovely to look at!!!! =)

Vix said...

That looks incredible, I'd be in my element with all that amazingly unique jewellery.
Glad it went well for you. x